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18mm Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

This ngk hs spark plug x16 fsr-u, Kit will upgrade your spark plugs within minutes! This Kit includes: 1. Ngk hs sparkplug standard 2.

18mm Spark Plug Repair Kit

This 18 mm sparkplug Repair Kit comes with and 2 qr tools to go over each sparkplug hole and close it up, the Kit also includes a spark plug wrench and and heat tongs to take off the heat from the spark plugs. This is a rethreading spark plughole Kit that we can use to corrected the hole on your helicoil 18 mm spark plug, we can use the Kit to Repair the hole with the help of a tool. The 18 mm spark plug helicoil Kit provides a simple and straightforward choice to Repair any spark plug build-up on an engine, the Kit includes an 18 mm sparkplug helicoil, which is a multiple of the size of the sparkplug. This will be the size of the sparkplug for your specific engine, the Kit also includes a nip and tuck Kit to help clean the sparkplug and engine. This 12 mm spark plug Repair Kit will help you fix your engine's spark plugs, the Kit includes the tools and kit, which can be found at tools.