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Kohler 7000 Series Spark Plug

Kohler 7000 Series 26 hp ohv ngk spark plugs is an exceptional way for admirers who desiderate the latest technology and quality in spark plugs, these Kohler 7000 Series 26 hp ohv ngk spark plugs are made with high-quality materials and construction that will provide them with long lasting performance.

Kohler Sv735 Spark Plug

If you have a Kohler 19 hp-26 hp 7000 Series engine, and you replace your air filter, you may want to try to old Kohler spark plug with a new one, these 2 new Kohler 7000 Series spark plugs are and are 25 hp ohv. They are quality products and should last long in your engine, and you replace the spark plug, you should also replace the air filter. This is because the air filter is worth about 100$ and it's important to replace it if you want to improve the engine performance, this Kohler 7000 Series spark plug gap code is for use with engines with an 50-state codes it is specific to handle with the 050 01-s carburetor.