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Matco Spark Plug Socket

Are you looking for a new tool to tighten screws? if so, you'll love the matco tools spark plug socket! This tool makes it easy to tighten screws with its accompanying tool to cornwell. Whether you're looking for a general-purpose tool or a tool to tighten screws, this tool is perfect for you!

Matco Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set

If you're looking for a spark plug set that will help your car run cooler and look better, look no further than the matco magnetic spark plug socket set! These sets come with two sets of plugs and sockets, so you can be sure to find the perfect set for your needs. Not only are these spark plugs a great choice for drivers, but they're also great for drivers' hands as well. Not only do they look good, but they also work good; the plugs are easily readable by notes-holder eyes. Now, what are you waiting for? order your set today!

Matco Tools 6pc Magnetic Spark Plug Service Set Spk6

This kit includes- -6" longmatco tools -6" longmagnetic spark plugs -4" longswitches -1" longmaleeide -6" longlinks -3" longube -1" longinix -8" longoutlet -3" longkeyboard -1" longcardboard This is a great item for a new car or motorcycle. It is a spark plug socket that comes with an excellent quality. It is a new product, so there is no artificial wait for it to arrive. It is also delicious to look at. The design is modern and stylish. This is a great purchase for your car or motorcycle. This is a04879matco spark plug socket. It's a 06-inch size with a hardened steel washer and a chrome metal tip. It's 12 gauge white stock and has a matco logo on the front. It's a06-sized and has a 6-position standard spark plug socket setting. It's also stock with a matco logo on the front, and it's 6-position standard spark plug socket setting. This socket is made for the matco tool company. this is a great set for those that want to upgrade their spark plugs. The plug socket set is a medium point chrome with a six point strontium warranty. It includes the driver and the spade type networksconnectionlead.