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Spark Plug 12405

Our spark plugs are genuine oem and come with the security number, they are compatible with motorcraft iridium spark plugs these spark plugs are 1240501-0 corker flat white and are compatible with the following model numbers: y y y y y y y our spark plugs are aurally assured and we affiliation with biz to ensure that your car is up to date with the security of our spark plugs are genuine oem and come with the security number. We are special arrangement with motorcraft to be able to offer them so close to the market.

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Box Of Ten
S Set Of 10 B00-12405-a
1.0l Ecoboost 1770305 Fiesta Focus

3 x Genuine Ford Spark

By Ford (Genuine OE)


S C9zz-12405-a
S Sp532 Cyfs13yrc

Set of 4: New Genuine

By Motorcraft


S A-12405-m
S Set Of 8 289 302 351w 352 390 429 460 1958 - 1972
S C1az 12405 C

4 NOS Autolite BRF82 Spark

By Autolite


Spark Plug 12405 Amazon

This autolite spark plug set 12405 will allow you to reach your spark plugs in the morning, it imparts a set lotion filter and is produced of durable plastic. The set lotion filter allows you to reach your spark plugs in the morning without having to search for the sparkplug kit, this set of spark plugs is dandy for shoppers who wish to spark up their cars. The ford ecoboost spark plug is a sterling way for your next motorcycle ride, with high performance and commuter fuel economy, it is first-rate for today's rider. The plug is fabricated of durable materials that will never lose its shape or performance, this spark plug set is for the 2022-2022 ford f-150. It includes 36 spark plugs, it is a fast-drying plug and it runs on electric power. The set also includes a spark wire and a spark tool, the plug is straightforward to operate and it effortless to maintain. This spark plug is a sensational addition to your vehicle, it is an 16-lead type with a copper core and it fits well in the h14 y 45 ls engine block.